Friday, July 30, 2010

iPhone therefore iAm ? #2

Today the iPhone 4 was released in Australia. For my opinions on such displays of human covetousness please read my post of July 12, 2008. The queues were surprising considering the iPhone 4 apparently has reception ‘issues’ and doesn’t work as it says on the box. I think I’ll stick to my iPhone 3g for a while longer, until the issues are resolved (and I am out of contract). I’ll let the early adopters throw away perfectly good existing 3g iPhones and fork out massive termination fees for their breaking their contracts all so they can be the first (among thousands) to own the latest (partially defective) status symbol*.

*Written whilst shaking head in despair at the gullibility of the human race and its innate weakness in the face of rampant and strategic, manipulative, cynical marketing.

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